Using Google Forms with AP Psych Class – A Great Fit

Post originally published Sept 23, 2014

I had the pleasure of working with another class of AP Psychology students today.  I was invited in to help them learn how to use Google Drive, Google Forms as well as QR Code readers and QR code creators.  With those tools, the students worked in pairs to create psychology surveys they can have parents, students, and teachers take. I had the students take a survey I’d made using the same tools, then demonstrated how to make one.  Then the students worked together on developing their surveys.

One of the best part of this assignment is the attitude that the teacher, Mrs. B, has towards it.  She encourages students to try new things, learn new skills and to not worry about being perfect on the first try.  There were great conversations about statistics, data, what makes a good question, and more.   Mrs B also is willing to try new tools even though she doesn’t know everything about them. So often learning new technology is trial and error, and modeling that for the students is important. I also love how Mrs. B is concerned about sending her students off to college and work with important skills like collaboration and analysis of information. I feel like the technology was a great fit for her goals.

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