Tech Integration in Action – Padlet

Post originally published October 2014

This week was our monthly Wednesday Technology PD session.  In an effort to provide a framework and some direction for technology integration, I planned a session where teachers would review the ISTE Standards for Students (via a Powtoon I made and a PDF copy of the standards). While our teachers might have seen the standards before, we haven’t really focused on how they could provide support and direction for infusing technology into the curriculum.

After looking at the video, I introduced the online tool Padlet. I had created Padlet walls for each department as a place for the teachers to share their responses to the standards. Each teacher added a note to the wall: one that started “I’m already seeing” and another that began with “I’m intrigued by.”  Here’s one example:


Our teachers really embraced the standards and the process of using the Padlet.  In many of the sessions there were questions about how to use set up and use Padlet.  I was so glad to see teachers see the potential in this collaborative tool.  By the end of the school day, at least three teachers I knew of has already used it with their classes!  One of those was an AP Language class which used it to share what they’ve been learning about how to approach the AP test.  The teacher invited me in to see the students in action (see photo below).

I’m so impressed by our inquisitive faculty and their desire to try new things if they will help them and their students achieve success.


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