Tools I Like

Mar 2017:

Actively LearnIf you think reading is important, you need to check out Actively Learn.  This is more than a tool, it supports research-based instructional strategies related to close reading, collaborative reading, scaffolding and more.  I’m excited that our school will have a school license next year and work on ways we can work schoolwide to support students and their reading skills.  But you can also use the free version with great success. Check it out!

Sept 2014:


EdPuzzle is a webtool you can use to embed questions into videos.  Teachers can upload their own videos, use youtube or other videos.  All videos share on EDpuzzle are public and available for other teachers to see and use.  Teachers embed questions into the videos. Students watch the videos, but then stop when a question pops up.  Teachers can use the answers to gather data about what their students understand or need more help on.  Students can even log in with their Edmodo accounts or google accounts – a win-win for everyone!

Sept 2014:

I am very excited to learn about the new Google Add on – Super Quiz.

Super Quiz is like Flubaroo and Autocrat rolled into one with some additional features.  Teachers create assessments using Google Forms and then use Super Quiz to score the quizzes.  Super Quiz also allows teachers to analyze the data and provide feedback to students.  This tool would be great in any school, but especially Google Apps schools.

Check out this great video/tutorial by Gary Johnston to see how it works:

Google Forms Never Looked So Good

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