What I Miss: Being a “Teacher Mom”

During our third week of distance learning (March 30-April 3), we asked students, staff and parents to share photos of what they missed about being at school. 

Each day I posted photos of different things I missed not being at work:

  • Day 1: Teachers, staff & admin
  • Day 2: iTeam students & lunch duty time with them
  • Day 3: Being in classrooms 
  • Day 4: Our STEM students

As the week went on and I thought about what I missed from school, I knew my Friday post was going to be about missing the mother-daughter time I get at school – being a “Teacher Mom.”  But when Friday morning arrived, I realized I couldn’t put what I felt about missing that time into 240 characters and 4 photos.

So here is my #foxfam Day 5 share:

At our house, we just finished week 3 (of who knows how many) social distancing weeks. I am beyond grateful to have my two daughters home with me for this clearly historic (and often stressful) time.

I am thankful we have shelter to keep us safe.

I am thankful we have food to eat.

I am thankful we have the resources we need to continue our education and work.

I am thankful to have this unexpected time together with my daughters.

But I also miss being a “Teacher Mom” at school.

For the last six years I have had at least one of my daughters at school with me.  Being part of each other’s school and work lives is a privilege like no other. 

State Championship Game 2019

We have enjoyed the little moments and the special occasions.  We have celebrated birthdays and holidays at school together. I have taught lessons in my daughters’ classrooms. I have organized their overnight STEM Lock-ins and other special celebrations. 

But this is my youngest daughter’s senior year, and we will never get this time back.  There will not be any “next times.” 

Yesterday was supposed to be Senior Field Day.

Today was supposed to be Prom. 

Top Ten Breakfast, Senior Celebration, STEM Senior Dinner, and Graduation are all in limbo. 

And although (at the time I write this) school is only “cancelled” through April 30th, I am doubtful that we will return to our school this year. And if we do, it will only be in time for her to do AP testing.  “Regular school” for her will be over.

While I am incredibly sad at the thought of missing these special events with my daughter, I think I almost more sad about missing the little moments:

  • Having her scream “Hey, Mom!” across the commons
  • Unexpectedly running into her in the hallway and getting a hug
  • Having a house full of her friends
  • Seeing her laughing with her friends at lunch
  • Being called “Mom” by her friends

I know I am incredibly lucky to spend these social distancing days with her in our home. But I needed to take some time to stop and to reflect.  I needed a little time to mourn what we are missing. We all need time to mourn whatever it is we are missing (no matter how big or little). We need to recognize these feelings will also come in waves.

I already knew that next fall would be challenging for me: my first without any children at home or at school with me.  But I was expecting that. I was not expecting to lose our last 2 ½ months together at school.  

Being a “Teacher Mom” has been an amazing opportunity. I am so glad I had it (no matter how long it lasted).

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