I’ve Found my People – Podcasts!

The online educational community is jam-packed with podcasts. A year ago, I’d listened to a few episodes here and there, but had not really been bit by the podcast bug.

I consider myself a visual learner who would much rather learn by reading than by listening. I like to take notes while learning and often mark up passages when reading informational text. I want to be able to go back and pull out the quotes or ideas that spoke to me.

But this past February, that changed. I had an almost 3 hour drive to Myrtle Beach to go to a conference. And I can’t remember why, but I decided I was going to queue up the latest #eduducttape podcasts by Jake Miller (@JakeMillerTech) and away I went.

As I drove, I remember thinking – I’ve found my people: educators who think about the “why” before the “what” of edtech.

I listened to guests Sean Fahey (@SEANJFAHEY), Alex Oris (@mrORIStech) and Karly Moura (@KarlyMoura) talk to Jake about student choice, student voice and so much more.

And despite missing one turn because I was listening so intently, I found that I could listen and learn because I felt connected to these people.

Listening to educators who are so passionate about what they do is refreshing and gives me hope for the future of teaching.

Since that “fateful” drive 8 months ago, I’ve discovered even more podcasts that I enjoy and rediscovered a few that I’d tried before. Some of my favorites are:

I’ve decided it’s ok if I listen purely for the enjoyment and the “collegiality” I feel while listening – much the same way I enjoy talking with educators in my school and district.

I also love being able to connect to these podcasters via Twitter – whether it’s a shout-out to let them know I loved an episode or sharing something I do that relates to the topic.

The connections that podcasts and social media provide are amazing!

#LeaD5 professional development day

I’ve enjoyed listening so much that I’ve made listening to podcasts a part of the district-wide #LeaD5 professional development I lead and the graduate courses I teach. I want to help others discover the joy I’ve found in listening. There are so many education podcasts out there that I’m sure all educators could find ones to enjoy.

There are still many times when I’m driving and listening or walking and listening and I wish I were taking notes. Sometimes I’ll try repeating something in my head hoping I’ll remember it when I get home or to work so I can write it down. But if I don’t, it’s ok. I’ve enjoyed the listening and know that the important ideas will also come back around.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Found my People – Podcasts!

  1. mizjaxon November 21, 2019 / 11:05 pm

    It’s so funny to remember the original podcasts and how they just never really took off, and that’s when the “pod” in podcast made sense since it came from iPOD. Now that nobody has ipods anymore, podcasts have become a thing. I do enjoy listening from everything from Education Rockstarts to Jonathon Van Ness! Thanks for all the recommendations for ones to check out.


  2. SpedTeachLove November 20, 2019 / 9:36 pm

    I am such an EDU podcast geek!!!! I also love Check This Out with Ryan and Bryan. I agree that is fun to hear voices and then to also connect on Twitter. My problem–I go into information overload paralysis!!!!!


  3. Kriss Kirkindoll November 1, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    I also would rather read than listen. I have tried audio books, but I haven’t tried podcasts. Thank you for the tips on great podcasts to start with!


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