Showcase Learning: Student Portfolios with Google Sites

The school year is underway, and learning is happening everywhere everyday!

One challenge facing all students and teachers is determining how best to demonstrate that learning.   Students needs to be able to share what they’ve learned in big and small ways.  It’s also great to be able to show growth over time.

Student portfolios are great for showcasing student learning and any work students do. So far this year I’ve had the privilege of helping two different groups of students get started with portfolios:  our AP Studio Art students and Statistics students.AP Art Portfolios 1

The new (not so new anymore) Google Sites is a great platform for their yearlong portfolios. The interface is intuitive and works seamlessly with the other Google tools the students are already using as part of G Suite for Education.

In both the art and math classes, students had their sites up and running in just a few


minutes.  For now, due to domain restrictions, the students’ sites are internal only;   students are able to share their portfolios with their teachers and other students. At some point I’d love for them to be able to share beyond our district.AP Art Portfolios 2



The art students started their portfolios in their very first class on the first day of school. I love the vision the teacher, Ashley Quam, helped create right off the bat.  Students will share their portfolio art pieces, not just when they are finished, but while they are in progress.  The students are also writing about the process, their chosen media, and reflecting on their pieces and connections to the course themes.

Last week, I  had a chance to ask Mrs Quam how the portfolios were going.  She told me that it was going well, and that because she’s able to see the portfolios as the students are working, she’s able to see parts of their creative processes that she was never able to see before.  That’s awesome!




In Enevelyn Hyatt’s math class, the students will create portfolio entries where they explain the key concepts and application of those concepts.  This ranges from analyzing statistics in online articles to creating a video showing their carnival games.  Besides the math skills they are demonstrating, they also get a chance to practice reflection and clear communication.



I love that I get to be just a little part of these experiences for students.  I really do have the #BestJobEver  

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